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Trauma Expert Services (TES)


What is TES:

Medical experts such as radiologists, neurologists and orthopedists have long been employed in legal actions to explain the relevance of various medical records and radiographic films. What has been missing is a real focus on early contemporaneous treatment records (EMS/ER records) by actual ER doctors who are, in short, expert trauma diagnosticians. A new peer review expert in the field of personal injury litigation, the TES expert fills that void and promises to be the first 'go to expert' in any PI/BI litigation.  

What TES Does:

  1. Physicians, Attorneys and Registered Nurses on the TES staff review a specific set of documents electronically sent from your office to determine whether the case is a viable Trauma Expert Services candidate (Claims/Bills of Particulars, Police/Incident reports, EMS and/or ER records). This determines if the records might support a challenge to medical causation and avoids waste. If we reject a case, for any reason, there is no cost to you.
  2. Then we arrange the review with a Board Certified Emergency Medicine physician expert.
  3. Finally, we obtain and quality review each report before forwarding to your office.

This three part process allows for a complete and cogent Trauma Expert report on appropriate cases.
The main goal is to review the EMS and/or ER records to see if there was the necessary clinical presentation of acute trauma to support the claimed acute injury.                           

The TES Expert:

All TES experts are all licensed medical doctors who are Board Certified in EM (Emergency Medicine) and available for testimony. 

The TES Report:

The report is arranged in two parts, (1)  the actual ER medical record findings (“Findings”) and (2) what the findings mean ("Impression"). Importantly, the “Impression” has its own very important two part analysis. That being, not only what findings did present and their clinical significance (such as normal vital signs, normal range of motion, lack of pain or tenderness, etc.) but also what findings would have been expected upon exam by the EMS crew and/or ER staff if the claimed injuries indeed had a recent acute traumatic origin (i.e. - from the subject accident or incident). Again, in the expert opinion of Board Certified Emergency Medicine physicians who diagnose and treat such acute injuries on a daily basis - unlike orthopedists or neurologists.

Since the Trauma Expert Services 2011 inception we have exchanged over 3500 reports with tremendous results at trial, on motion practice and at mediation/arbitration.  Give us a call for more information or to arrange a presentation at your office: (914) 686-1111.

Plaintiff claims of serious injury also evaluated.