A systematic inquiry and examination of detail to arrive at a conclusion supported by facts…

We have the ability to provide you with an in depth investigation on each and every claim. Whether it be general liability, auto liability, product liability or medical malpractice, our seasoned, licensed investigators will get the job done in the most professional manner possible.

  • medical record analysis

Our medical record analysis is one of the most popular services we provide.  Whether you represent the plaintiff or the defendant, we have legal nurse consultants who will break down the medical records and provide you with a concise, easy to understand analysis of what exactly transpired and the pros and cons of your case that are supported in the medical records. 

  • signed statements
  • background Investigations
  • witness locator
  • subpoena service (prepare, so-order and served)
  • photographs/diagrams
  • over 600 anatomical diagrams available for enlargement or projection format