Forensic Medical Record Review

This is one of our most popular services.  Electronic records have become increasingly cumbersome to review because of their lack of title pages, copy/paste format and repetitiveness.  We are familiar with most all of the different software programs available for healthcare providers and can review these records for you and make some sense of what happened to the patient and what is missing from the records.  

Whether you represent the plaintiff or the defendant and whether a case is medical malpractice or general liability (i.e. personal injury, auto), there is a wealth of information in medical records that could make or break your case. Each review is tailored for your individual case. Did the accident happen the way the plaintiff claims it did? What injuries were pre-existing or unrelated? Were the standards of care deviated from? Do the records reflect care was provided after the patient was discharged? Who were the prior treating physicians and what records are needed for further review? What type of experts should be obtained? In a Nursing Home Case, were there any violations in the Public Health Law?

We analyze each aspect of a record for you and provide you with the evidence necessary to make your case. We present you with a comprehensive, chronological review of all records with a clear, concise explanation of the medicine, our opinion and recommendations at an affordable rate.  The digital  records are returned to you  with pages bookmarked and highlighted so you can go right to the pages of evidence at anytime.  This organized formatted record can then be provided to your expert, greatly decreasing the time it takes for your expert to get to the "meat" of the case. 

We have prepared these documents ready for depositions, arbitration or trial preparation/presentation.  Many of our clients use portions of the records as either enlargements, digital projection during trial so they can be referred to when you put your witness or expert on the stand. Let the judge and jury see for themselves the exact evidence uncovered in the records.

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